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Megaliner is one of the leading copanies in Ukraine working in all fields of entertainment sinse the year 2000. As part of the group we have a successful record label and management company for the mumber pop-rock all-girl brand Ranetki Girls (currently bigger then T.a.T.u. at their best days!). It's the real band of five young charming girls and they have TV Series "Ranetki" with them as actresses that were shown at prime time on one of the biggest free-2-air channels - CTC. 230x45 min episodes in total. In order to develop licensing program for that band, we have formed a kicensing division. After significant succes in 2008-2009, the Megaliner Licensing unit was transformed into a full cycle licensing agency - Megalicense Agency.

        • L-Junction Records Founded in 1995
        • Megaliner Distribution Founded in 2000
        • Megaliner Records Founded in 2001, Member of IFPI, Member of RPA
        • Megaliner Media Founded in 2004
        • Megaliner Publishing Founded in 2007
        • MEGA-ANIME Founded in 2007, the DVD specialist in Japan Animation
        • Megaliner Merchandising Founded in 2008
        • Megaliner Licensing Founded in 2009
        • Megalicense Agency Founded in 2009 - Member of LIMA

Мегалайсенз бренды

Now Megalicense is one of the leading Ukrainian Licensing Agencies working in the Ukrainian and CIS licensing market with local and international brands. We are the first member in Ukraine of International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association LIMA.

The Agency's key specialty is a very careful selection of brands. This results in an individual proactive approach to each product, which is not possible with classic licensing agency models, when agency handles hundreds of brands. Our Record Label background helps us to work on brand developing and licensing.

We carefully choose and then help an IP owner to develop the brand on the complicated Ukrainian market and adapt it to Ukrainian specifics.

The successful combination of deep market knowledge and close relations with customers gives us the maximum results with every single brand.

Megalicense adv.

Licensing products

Licensing agency Megalicense

Vinogradnyy Lane, building 4, Kyiv, Ukraina, zip 01021

Phone: +38 097 569 29 74


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