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Coca Cola & LeazyTown  

The Icelandic Coca Cola bottler took on a license for beverages in the local market. 
All beverage had to pass the LazyTown food promise e.g.:
• Controlled fats, salt, sugar and preservatives
• No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
• Appropriate portions
Coca Cola in Iceland with LazyTown
Distributing with all traditional Coca Cola vendors:
• Mass Retail
• Convenience Stores
• Bakeries and Gas Stations
• Cafés and Restaurants
Напитки Лентяево в Исландии Megalicense
• 200k milk units sold in first 6 weeks
• 80k juice units sold in first 2 weeks
• 20% market share in flavored milk
Being the first product to take market share from the 15+ years market leader.
Brazzi - напитки Кока Кола Мегалайсенз
And Opportunity:
• As “Brazzi” is a Coca-Cola brand the deal had to go through Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta. This will make it easier for other markets to follow.

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